Wednesday, August 13, 2008

cool summer

I remember one morning in August last year when I was up at 6:30 & the temp was 85 degrees – the low temp for the day! August ‘07 was the hottest month ever in Louisville’s recorded weather history. Temps for the past week in the mornings have been in the low 60’s w/low humidity – a great running opportunity in the very middle of summer. I’ve been jogging in the early morning hours whenever I get the chance, but it’s been very difficult starting with an empty tank (w/my restricted carb diet). There’s just no energy and it takes quite a bit of will power just to take the 1st step – what gets me motivated though is knowing the body must burn fat if there are no carbs (I hope no muscle has been cannibalized!). The result has been good progress on the diet, down to 181 pounds now. If the weather cooperates & I can keep up the short runs, I should reach my goal within the next couple weeks.

Dave Corfman, RD for the Stone Steps 50K in Cincinnati on Oct 19, is having another training run on the course on Sat, Aug 30. As was the run on Memorial Day, it’s a FA format – very informal. I’m hoping to be off my diet & able to have a decent workout that day.


Luc said...

Ed, wow, 181 lbs!? Congrats!! Sounds like your goal is going to be no problem (whatever it is). :)

Are you running Hocking Hills this year?

Jeffro said...

I've been pleasantly surprised at how cool this summer has been. I guess global warming has been put on hold. I hope it's nice and cool next weekend for the Germantown 50k.

Is there a website where I can get more info on the Stone Step FA training run. I can't be sure I can make it, but my wife is going to Texas that weekend, so I can do what I want.

Oh yeah and 181 lb, excellent!

Josh said...

Nice job on the weight!!

I hope to see you at Mt. Airy in a couple weeks! I'll probably just do a couple loop.

ed said...


Yes, Hocking Hills 60K is still on my schedule. It’s a new race for me & although it sounds as though there will be more road mileage than I prefer, the distance & date of the race are a good fit.

I think it will be a good 1st ultra for you -- I’m looking forward to seeing you there.


I would have liked to have tried Burning River or Howl at the Moon this summer had I known this cooler weather would be in place – probably won’t get another chance like it. It’s too late to put Germantown back on the schedule. Have you seen the new course? What a complete change!

Dave Corfman usually puts info about the training runs on his website, I haven’t seen it this time though. You can email him & he can put you on the mailing list. Or you can join the Yahoo Stone Steps discussion group & new messages will be automatically emailed to you.

Congrats on a most impressive La Luz run!!


Thanks. The weight loss has its advantages, one is: the next person packing me out of the wilderness will now have 15 pounds less to worry about – Ha!

Every time I go to the training runs at Mt. Airy I hope to get in 50k, but it always ends up getting too warm in the afternoon – plus this time I probably won't be able to handle the mileage – so it may be just a few laps for me too. We’ve had a lot of cool weather lately, but I’m sure the heat & humidity is holding off till I get off this diet . . .

See you there.