Friday, April 25, 2014

Muddy McNutty - 2014 Spring edition

It's been 3 weeks since Potawatomi 100 in Pekin, Illinois & I'm just now getting this report out!

I went into the race with a mission this year.  My registration for Massanutten 100 earlier this year was rejected as I didn't have a qualifier.  I was surprised with that, but they were correct.  With gut & back issues the past few years, I needed to get back on track.  I've finished many loops at McNaughton Park, so I felt this was the time & course to get that qualifying race.

I figured I had to have these in my favor to complete 100 miles:

Temps - were great:
Nice & cool - mostly 40's.  It was blustery (20 mph winds w/40 mph gusts) for the 1st half day.

Trail conditions -  were manageable:
There was a record rainfall (according to the NWS) of 2"+ the day before.  No rain on race day (that's the key) so the wind was able to provide some drying.  Still muddy in the usual low areas -- hills were ok.  The 2 creek crossings each loop were maybe 18" deep at the most -- heavy, soaked socks & shoes always add to the challenge.

Major physical issues - had none:
I had no back issues -- short downhills are much easier on the back than long downhills.  Kept the brace tight.  I did have a queasy stomach after the 1st lap or so -- pretty sure it was the Heed, which I avoided subsequent loops.  No other gut issues -- special diet & therapy seem to be working.

my staging area:
After my mental collapse at Massanutten at 75-80 miles last year, I felt I had gotten over that problem as I've not forgiven myself for that -- however, I had mental issues AGAIN after 80 miles in Pekin.  It was very difficult to continue.  Had I not dropped to the 100 from the 150 at the start of the race, I would have certainly quit again right then.  It was halfway thru the final loop before I "smelled the barn" & knew I could finish.

a 150 mile finisher Sunday afternoon:

My lap times showed a progressive & fairly even loss of leg lift & I'm happy with the results (finished 12th out of 56 starters):

Next up:

I contemplated pacing at the Indiana Trail 100 this weekend, but finally decided on the Backside Trail Marathon -- a race in a Louisville city park.  I guess marathons have become my speed works since I can't get myself to the track.


Chris said...

Good finish at Pekin 100. McNaughton 100? I guess it's Potawatomi 100. Glad it worked out for you. Yeah, marathons are good speed work!

ed said...

Thanks Chris!

Let's see, I'll place a bet that you'll run whatever you feel like tomorrow . . . how's that? Looking forward to hearing about your speed work. Have Fun & Good Luck.