Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 Clinton Lake

I've used this race as a prep for the McNaughton 100 & 150 the last 2 years. The Clinton Lake 30M course reminds me much of the trails at McNaughton -- both trails are soft dirt when it's not muddy and both have 10 mile loops. The hills seem somewhat similar although a few of the hills are bigger at McNaughton -- but not as frequent.
This year, the weather & course conditions at Clinton Lake were very good. Nice & cool. A few muddy spots, but they dried up thru the day. Logan Martin returned to break his own course record set last year. It was awesome to see such a runner in action up close, although it was pretty deflating to be lapped at mile 17 of a 3 loop, 30 mile race . . . .

I set my PR for this course & for 30 miles last year at 5:58:35. I was hoping for a similar time this year, but ran out of gas -- 6:12:37. I believe the effort was there, but I feel the 10 pounds extra weight I've been packing the last few months takes its toll. Looks like I'll be back on yet another diet this summer.

It was great to see familiar faces in a race so far from home. This day I ran into: Ellen (2008 winner), Mike (met last race), Chris (RD), Jeff (my on the course motivator), Brian (CHUGS), Cassie (ex-blogger, now facebook), Jake (another friendly runner) and Juli & Val (a loving couple). I also ran with & chatted for a little while with Kathleen -- she's listed as 61 & age group winner on the results, but she sure ran like & looked like she was alot younger.

a final note:

I do wish to thank Chris Migotsky for his efforts & dedication as Race Director for the three years I've run this event. His enthusiasm spilled out onto others too & will be missed as he retires from directing & focuses more on his own running. I'm sure I will see Chris again on the course next year.

Chris (the one dancing) & also Mike & Jeff in this pic:


"Muddy McNutty" There won't be a 150 miler this year at McNaughton as there's a new RD. Can count on a super slimey course, as usual.


Chris said...

Sorry you ran out of gas Ed. You still had a nice finish and I hoped you are ready for McNaughton Park.

ed said...

Thanks Chris!

I wish more people would have expressed their appreciation for the job you did & maybe you would still be directing -- although I know it was pretty hard on you to sit out the event as the Director!

Be seeing you on the trails.


Josh said...

Good luck this weekend at McNaughton, Ed!! Have fun in the mud!

ed said...

Hello friend! Long time no hear, no see! From your bi-annual blog entries I see you're still living the good life out there.

If you ever get a wild hair to return East, head over & join (not rescue) me at Mohican as I attempt to finish each year . . .

Thanks & Yes, I intend to have fun this weekend!