Sunday, November 27, 2011

living/running with pain

It's been a couple months since my last post -- been mostly twiddling my thumbs & waiting for results & appointments. Still frustrated with no diagnosis. It's been a battle to keep from going back to the ER when the pain gets bad (they are not able to do anything for me there). My last tests in September: CT Enterography, CT Angiogram & Capsule Enteroscopy (Pillcam) all came back negative. When my 2nd Gastro Dr. (like my 1st) referred me to the Pain Management Clinic, I knew then that he had given up. So, I went back to my primary physician instead & he has referred me to the Mayo Clinic. Although the Clinic was completely booked for several months, I received a call back from them later saying they had an opening in early January -- so now I'm holding on & waiting . . . .

Sitting on my hands for so long, my legs became antsy, but my gut kept me from running. So far I have donated registration fees for 6 races that I had optimistically signed up for in better times. I don't mind donating to a good cause. I had to do something though, so I took up hiking last month -- more mileage than I had done in many years put together. I have also learned to endure a certain amount of pain. If it's too bad, I just turn around & head home. The thing is that being out in the Forest in beautiful surroundings w/Fall colors has been GREAT for the soul. Each day being thankful that I am still above ground. And today I even went on a training run (8 miles) at Otter Creek Park where Cynthia Heady (LLTH RD) is putting on a trail marathon in mid-December. I did not feel good at the start, but felt better once the endorphins kicked in and the exhilaration of trail running again (in the cool rain) hit me. Although I finished 15 minutes behind everyone else, I was happy to see that I had not lost all my running base, yet. I feel no worse for having "run".

My next race fee donation is set for this Saturday -- Tecumseh Trail Marathon. BUT, I can't believe myself that I'm even considering going thru with the event now: I only have to maintain a 17 min/mile pace to make the cutoff at 23 miles. That pace is really not that much faster than hiking! I will see how I feel next Saturday morning & also see if I have come to my senses by then.