Sunday, November 27, 2011

living/running with pain

It's been a couple months since my last post -- been mostly twiddling my thumbs & waiting for results & appointments. Still frustrated with no diagnosis. It's been a battle to keep from going back to the ER when the pain gets bad (they are not able to do anything for me there). My last tests in September: CT Enterography, CT Angiogram & Capsule Enteroscopy (Pillcam) all came back negative. When my 2nd Gastro Dr. (like my 1st) referred me to the Pain Management Clinic, I knew then that he had given up. So, I went back to my primary physician instead & he has referred me to the Mayo Clinic. Although the Clinic was completely booked for several months, I received a call back from them later saying they had an opening in early January -- so now I'm holding on & waiting . . . .

Sitting on my hands for so long, my legs became antsy, but my gut kept me from running. So far I have donated registration fees for 6 races that I had optimistically signed up for in better times. I don't mind donating to a good cause. I had to do something though, so I took up hiking last month -- more mileage than I had done in many years put together. I have also learned to endure a certain amount of pain. If it's too bad, I just turn around & head home. The thing is that being out in the Forest in beautiful surroundings w/Fall colors has been GREAT for the soul. Each day being thankful that I am still above ground. And today I even went on a training run (8 miles) at Otter Creek Park where Cynthia Heady (LLTH RD) is putting on a trail marathon in mid-December. I did not feel good at the start, but felt better once the endorphins kicked in and the exhilaration of trail running again (in the cool rain) hit me. Although I finished 15 minutes behind everyone else, I was happy to see that I had not lost all my running base, yet. I feel no worse for having "run".

My next race fee donation is set for this Saturday -- Tecumseh Trail Marathon. BUT, I can't believe myself that I'm even considering going thru with the event now: I only have to maintain a 17 min/mile pace to make the cutoff at 23 miles. That pace is really not that much faster than hiking! I will see how I feel next Saturday morning & also see if I have come to my senses by then.


Chris said...


Good to hear from you via the blog. Hope the Mayo Clinic can figure out what is going on...and treat it.

Hiking is a great alternative to trail running. Eventually you may be able to mix in more and more jogging. Jeff Riddle was just in Louisville for Thanksgiving and he hiked parts of the LLTH course with his brother. They loved it.

Keep your chin up. It can't always get worse.

Jeffro said...

I hope you can get some answers soon and be able to run pain free.

ultracassie said...


I am praying that a doctor at the Mayo Clinic is able to determine what is happening and help ease the pain you have been experiencing.

I'm glad to read you can hike comfortably! Nothing better than being outside and enjoying the beautiful planet.


ed said...

THANKS Chris, Jeff & Cassie -- I appreciate all the comments & well wishes!!

Hard to keep going without some hope & that's what the Clinic is providing me at the moment.

Jefferson Memorial Forest has some great trails to hike. My hiking is apparently helping me maintain some fitness & gives me good training for LLTH as I hike much of the race anyway. Being outside in the Forest also gives me a big boost mentally.

I can get all of you complimentary entry into LLTH ( if you're interested -- just let me know ( as the RD has afforded me some perks for helping out.

ultracassie said...


Thanks so much for the offer! I'm actually already signed up for another event that exact same weekend so I won't be able to take you up on it.

Feeling any better these days? How's the hiking?


ed said...


I had some tough times (unable to run or hike) for several weeks but feeling better at the moment.

Sorry to hear you won't be making it to LLTH -- hope you do well! Maybe I'll see you on the trails later this year.