Friday, June 18, 2010

No Mo

All week I've been flip-flopping (at least 3 times) on a decision to run Mohican 100 tomorrow. When there was no abdominal pain whatsoever, I'd feel like on cloud 9. I would then go over my race & course strategies and continue to prepare everything, including packing 7 drop bags. Each time the unpredictable pain returned, I had to re-evaluate my plans. Last night before I went to bed, I thought I had made the final decision to run -- everything was ready -- leave for Loudonville in the morning. In the very early morning hours though, I was awakened (for the 1st time) by side pain. That was the final straw. I can be really hard-headed, but common sense won this time.

I'm DEVASTATED! A year long wait has gotten a year longer. My legs are full of run -- all my training since McNaughton will do me little good when I return (body willing) to racing at the end of summer.

Going to see another specialist ASAP.

Friday, June 11, 2010

a diagnosis

After being continually prodded, stuck for blood, probed from within & zapped by ultrasound & x-rays, the latest diagnosis (or educated guess) is: an abdominal wall strain (slight hernia). Despite all the tenderness in my entire right side -- everything, including the liver, kidney, adrenal, stomach, colon & pancreas were deemed normal by the Drs. after looking at all the tests (that's good to know!).

At first, the most pain was generally where my gall bladder would be, but since that & my appendix were removed many years ago, it made it all that more perplexing. Secondly, it was thought it was my kidney since I have a horseshoe kidney; have had a history of stones & the 2 cysts in the right kidney that, according to the radiologist's report, had grown in size since my last scan 5 years ago. However the urologist said that my kidney did not appear to be the source of pain & that the cysts I have are very common & did not concern him (good!).

a late race report:

Initially the pain a couple weeks ago felt like a "side stitch" that would come & go, so I did make an attempt to run Another Dam 50k last Saturday. A couple miles after the start though, the pain came back, so I immediately slowed down (no choice really) & stopped after the 1st lap.

Of what I completed of the race, I liked the new course (with no sun). Several years ago when I ran this, the flood waters came up DURING the race & the course was altered "midstream" -- including some trail blazing for some on one lap. This new course was changed more this time -- more trail, but still a very, very fast course. The sun was intense back when on the old course, but not last Saturday. Instead, it was cloudy and the dew point was 70+ degrees -- extremely humid in my book. After a few miles, I was so soaked it looked liked I had just got out of a swimming pool! The temperature was already 77 at the start, 10 degrees warmer than forecast, but despite the humidity, I didn't feel hot like I usually do under the conditions -- I think my mind was pre-occupied with the pain. I don't believe it got into the 80's the rest of the day. Sure wish I could have found out if I would have handled the conditions the entire distance.


I thought I really needed to finish Another Dam 50k to have enough heat training for the Mohican 100. And, of course, I did not foresee this side pain (which I still have). Also, since I will have not run whatsoever for 2 full weeks come race day next Saturday, Mohican is looking doubtful at the moment. If I don't run Mohican, the disappointment will almost rival missing the inaugural Oil Creek 100 race last Fall (because of the swine flu)!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Due to an unexplained pain, my activities are very limited at the moment. I'm awaiting the results of the latest tests/scan and a diagnosis.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stone Steps 50k - FA

The FA run on the Stone Steps course this past Saturday officially kicked off my heat training that will hopefully prepare me for the Mohican 100 in 3 weeks. Every year in the cool Spring, I set goals for the summer, but always tone them down after my 1st encounter with an 80+ degree day. This year will not be any different.

With the forecast high of 83 in Cincinnati for this FA run, I was looking to get a gradual introduction to running in the heat. I really wasn't prepared for the actual weather I encountered: 90 degrees & high humidity!! The sun was intense & when out in the open, I had to run from shady spot to shady spot. The best thing about this was it felt "cool" once I got back into the woods, when actually it was still hot. Only about 2 to 3 miles of the 50k was out in the direct sun -- at Mohican, about 25 miles of the course will be on dirt, gravel or paved roads -- alot of sun exposure will be possible & most all of that portion of the race will be done in the afternoon.

As for my FA run, I arrived 30 minutes late due to a wreck on I-75 and did not start with the other runners. I set my own slow steady pace that I hoped would get me thru the day. That pace was almost 16'/mile -- which I was able to maintain for about 8 hours for the 50k, a PW (personal worst). Still, if I can keep that same pace up thru the heat of the day at Mohican, I would be in a good position to finish the race this year (as long as my back cooperates!).

I did get in a good chat with Dave Corfman, RD for Stone Steps 50k, who was taking it easy this day recovering from an injury. Got to hear about his upcoming Badwater adventure in mid-July -- talk about the need for heat training!! Also ran into Kyle Fahrenkamp this day, who was also getting in a heat work -- he'll need it as he's on Dave's crew! Good Luck you guys!


I'm going to have one more long training run in the heat & humidity this coming Saturday: Another Dam 50k. The course has alot of road & wide trail that will be exposed to the sun. I could not handle that whatsoever last time I ran it a few years ago. I need the training, yet I don't want to get burnt out (literally) 2 weeks before Mohican. So will set the same goal as last Saturday -- finishing!