Friday, June 18, 2010

No Mo

All week I've been flip-flopping (at least 3 times) on a decision to run Mohican 100 tomorrow. When there was no abdominal pain whatsoever, I'd feel like on cloud 9. I would then go over my race & course strategies and continue to prepare everything, including packing 7 drop bags. Each time the unpredictable pain returned, I had to re-evaluate my plans. Last night before I went to bed, I thought I had made the final decision to run -- everything was ready -- leave for Loudonville in the morning. In the very early morning hours though, I was awakened (for the 1st time) by side pain. That was the final straw. I can be really hard-headed, but common sense won this time.

I'm DEVASTATED! A year long wait has gotten a year longer. My legs are full of run -- all my training since McNaughton will do me little good when I return (body willing) to racing at the end of summer.

Going to see another specialist ASAP.


Chris said...

You made the right decision. You'll be back to ultras soon. Hope you got (or get) the correct diagnosis. Health comes first...then running.

ed said...

Hey Barefoot Chris!!

Yep, that right decision was made only after a late punch in the gut . . . hard for runners to stave off that "run till you drop" mentality.

Can't wait to hear about your Alberta adventure!


Anonymous said...

Not running is a hard decision to make, but it's the right decision. There will always be another race, but there's only one Ed so better to get healthy first.

ed said...

Thanks -- I'm feeling better day by day.

Cassie's Blog said...

Dang Ed... I knew you didn't look like you were feeling too well at AD50K. Hope it goes away, and you are back in running form soon!

ed said...

That was a pleasant surprise to see you volunteering on the course! Yes, I was having a rough time then. Unfortunately, the problem is still unresolved.

Hope you're still cranking out the PR's -- I haven't been able to read about your adventures anymore!