Thursday, July 26, 2012

back again

I said I would return to blogging when I had more to say about running than my health problems . . . well, I still have those problems but I will try to say less about them compared to running:

Since my last post, I did go back to the Mayo Clinic in February; started & ended seeing a new Gastro Dr. (my 4th); received results suggesting I had "chronic pancreatitus" and "chronic inactive gastritus"; had a nerve block (no help); had an acid meter attached to my esophagus (this was not fun); & so on & so on. I've been urged by some to pursue an alternative approach, so now I have an appointment with an "integrative medicine" Dr. next week.

Also since my last post, I did try a couple trail events -- as I felt up to it those particular days & couldn't resist -- though I did have abdominal problems during each. And, despite my ailments I have also been managing to jog twice per week & have been maintaining a minimal level of fitness. All this running has been with the help of Tylenol & Advil -- yes, I know I'm crazy.
My pain tolerance level has increased over time and that has helped too.

I usually stay indoors for training during summer (if I run at all during my off season), but I've got the itch to run trails so bad this year, I have adjusted. With this summer heat, the only time of the day I can run is very early in the morning -- as soon as it's light enough to see the trail, though it can be in the upper 70's and very humid even then. I plan my runs on the coolest (least hot) mornings of the week too and when my gut lets me.

I feel so ambitious at times when I have a good spell (like right now). I hope to continue entering races as they're my best training runs, but I have learned things can change for the worse very quickly and at any time. So, making plans is going to remain a day by day decision as it has been for some time. As it stands now (like at this very moment), I would like to run in a new venue to me: the Eagle Creek Trail Marathon next week . . .

One other note, last Sunday I had my first serious fall: on the Siltstone Trail on the LLTH race course near my house, my foot hung on a root on a steep downhill. I had always avoided a nose dive type fall in the past, but this time I was running too fast & it happened too quickly. I was able to deflect & brace some for the impact, but not enough to keep my head from hitting the ground. I won't go into the bloody details, but having the skin scraped off the low bridge of my nose gives an idea of how the rest of my face & head were affected. I am very, very lucky & thankful to be able to write about it now.