Thursday, July 26, 2012

back again

I said I would return to blogging when I had more to say about running than my health problems . . . well, I still have those problems but I will try to say less about them compared to running:

Since my last post, I did go back to the Mayo Clinic in February; started & ended seeing a new Gastro Dr. (my 4th); received results suggesting I had "chronic pancreatitus" and "chronic inactive gastritus"; had a nerve block (no help); had an acid meter attached to my esophagus (this was not fun); & so on & so on. I've been urged by some to pursue an alternative approach, so now I have an appointment with an "integrative medicine" Dr. next week.

Also since my last post, I did try a couple trail events -- as I felt up to it those particular days & couldn't resist -- though I did have abdominal problems during each. And, despite my ailments I have also been managing to jog twice per week & have been maintaining a minimal level of fitness. All this running has been with the help of Tylenol & Advil -- yes, I know I'm crazy.
My pain tolerance level has increased over time and that has helped too.

I usually stay indoors for training during summer (if I run at all during my off season), but I've got the itch to run trails so bad this year, I have adjusted. With this summer heat, the only time of the day I can run is very early in the morning -- as soon as it's light enough to see the trail, though it can be in the upper 70's and very humid even then. I plan my runs on the coolest (least hot) mornings of the week too and when my gut lets me.

I feel so ambitious at times when I have a good spell (like right now). I hope to continue entering races as they're my best training runs, but I have learned things can change for the worse very quickly and at any time. So, making plans is going to remain a day by day decision as it has been for some time. As it stands now (like at this very moment), I would like to run in a new venue to me: the Eagle Creek Trail Marathon next week . . .

One other note, last Sunday I had my first serious fall: on the Siltstone Trail on the LLTH race course near my house, my foot hung on a root on a steep downhill. I had always avoided a nose dive type fall in the past, but this time I was running too fast & it happened too quickly. I was able to deflect & brace some for the impact, but not enough to keep my head from hitting the ground. I won't go into the bloody details, but having the skin scraped off the low bridge of my nose gives an idea of how the rest of my face & head were affected. I am very, very lucky & thankful to be able to write about it now.


ultracassie said...

Great to see you back, Ed!!!

Ouch on the trail spill... ugh.

Chris said...

Ed is back!!! Sweet. Look forward to following your blog posts again. Be careful on the trails, those roots can be devilish.

I had a momentous change in my life yesterday...I resigned my position as Director of our center at the University. It's been a terrible 2 years with serious stress. Felt great to hand over that resignation letter. Not the same level of life stresses you have, but the last 24 months have slowly beaten me down. Fortunately, I have my health and my wife and I'm going forward with optimism. I still have a position at the University so it's not like I'm out on the streets! ;-)

Best of luck with the continued progress...even if it is a day at a time.

ed said...

Thanks Cassie!

I'm still green w/envy about your Peru adventures!! Loved seeing everything thru your eyes . . . the pix were GREAT too!

Hope you've whipped the anemia problem -- maybe I'll run into you out on the trails soon . . .

Hey Barefoot Chris!

Thanks, I hope to be back w/more frequent posts.

So happy to hear you've gotten major relief from your work. I quit my job (took early retirement) when I couldn't handle the stress 12 years ago -- one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Reading your blog has been like riding a roller coaster & a merry-go-round all together! I don't know what to expect post to post. Maybe now your work won't interfere with the more important things!

Chris said...

Glad you like reading my blog Ed. Hope to keep things mixed up and enjoyable...but with a trend on the upswing for my running. Right now, it's too early to retire, but I have resigned my director post and assumed "just" the dept head position. Now I have ONE job rather than 2+ jobs. More time for running and relaxing!

ed said...

Yes, your blog makes for very interesting reading.

I hope you have "Time to Fly" at Howl & have the most fun of any year -- that would be enjoyable to read about!