Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009 John Bryan

Coming out of McNaughton, I knew it would be tough getting my legs back the next race -- just as last year. What I didn't expect at the John Bryan 50k this year was the summer weather! Having run with temps no more than 50 degrees for the past several months & running in sleet earlier in the week, race day came with the temps starting at 65 !! and reaching 85 !! My body didn't get the transition it needed, although I've never grown accustomed to heat anyway.

I could predict the outcome of my race as I've learned it the hard way over the years: at about 75 degrees my body starts to shut down & I have trouble keeping hydrated; if the humidity is high, I have trouble catching my breath; at about 80 degrees I can take in fluids, but can't absorb them faster than my sweat rate (fluids always sloshing in the stomach but still very thirsty); and walking or stopping are my options as temps rise above 80. Everything held to form as predicted & I struggled to finish this race -- it took about an hour longer than my slow time of last year. The humidity was low & there was a breeze, so it could have been worse. I do have some sunburn on my head, shoulders & on the back of my neck.

The most enjoyable part about this low key race is the Little Miami River in the Clifton Gorge. The sound of rushing water over the rocks was soothing & the gorge area was very scenic. As slow as I was going, I was able to take in more of the sights this year -- wish I had taken a camera with me.

Sample Google Earth flyover video of the course (low resolution, 4 MB):

Next up is Dances w/Dirt (DWD) 50 miler in Gnawbone, Indiana. I received a race packet in the mail last week with instructions & maps of the NEW course. I was surprised that they were changing the course for the 3rd straight year, especially when the biggest fuss each of the 1st 2 years was the course marking. Two years ago at this race I overheated & got sick . . . . sure hope there's more Spring weather this year!!


Jeffro said...

Ed, Since I'm wimping out and only doing the 50k, I don't know if I'll run into you our not. Good luck and have a great run!

ed said...

50k is not wimping out considering how fast you'll be running it. Yeah, 50 milers do have a 45 minute headstart -- maybe you can pass me before the split -- just remember to follow the markers and not just the runners in front of you! I believe you'll do well.