Friday, August 15, 2008

Stone Steps training run

For anyone interested, this is the email I received from Dave, the RD for the Stone Steps 50k:

I will host another training run on Saturday, August 30th on the Stone Steps 50k race course. We will start at 7:00, but will be swinging by The Oval an hour later if you can't make the early start time. Run as far as you want, and perhaps join the few of us who will run all 50k! This is a fat ass format - no fee, no shirt, no aid, no whining. Please bring a little snack to share with everybody. I'll set up a card table beside my familiar and aging white Hyundai Sonata.
Our favorite sponsors are back for the 6th edition of the Stone Steps 50k. Bob Roncker's Running Spot, The North Face and Marathon & Beyond magazine are our prime sponsors, and I ask you to visit the sponsors page on the website for their contributions as well as the other fine sponsors.
Just a reminder that the third race in the Southwest Ohio 50k Trail Race series is Germantown 50k, on Saturday, August 23rd. Sign up and race it, then return for the finale of the race series, the Stone Steps 50k. Register for SS50k before the entry fee increases on October 1.
If you ever want dropped from this mailing list, just let me know in a reply message. No feelings will be hurt on my part.
I hope to see everybody on Saturday, August 30th for a great training run!
Dave Corfman, RD


Jeffro said...

Ed, thanks for the SS FA run info. I don't know for sure if I can make it, but maybe.

ed said...

Let me know what you thought about the new Germantown course -- Good Luck this weekend!