Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 Race Against ALS

I did my 1st post-diet race Saturday. For my kickoff event, it was the Race Against ALS 5k in downtown Louisville. Although most of it would be on flat, unyielding concrete pavement, I needed to start my training with something.

It was in the upper 70’s & sticky when the race finally started. With my 1st gels & Gatorade in 2 months, I was really hyper on my sugar high! At the start, I tried to keep up with everyone, but the legs wouldn’t cooperate – the turnover just wasn’t there – that missed speed work sure would have helped. I ran as fast as I could get my stubby legs to move. After working out on a soft treadmill the day before, it felt like I was running flat footed on the hard pavement. At the 1 mile marker, my time was 8:15. I thought, surely after all that sprinting I ran faster than an 8 minute mile?! That was a real downer. Did I lose muscle along with the fat over the summer? Maybe the marker was off so I got back to business & kept an eye out for the end of mile 2. It was 15 :15 at the 2 mile marker, a 7 minute split – not likely! So the 1 mile marker was off & possibly the 2nd too. For the final mile, I just tried to maintain an even pace.

I was very happy with my performance (avg pace of about 7:35/mile) -- much, much better than expected. The only concern after the race was some lower back pain after I had sat down for while – guess this is a chronic pain I’ll have to continue to deal with every race.

Next up is the Stone Steps 50k training run on Saturday. As long as it doesn’t get too hot too quick, it’ll let me know how I stand post-diet on the endurance end.


Jeffro said...

Good effort on the 5k. I just posted a report of the Germantown 50k. It was a nice race, just a little too warm. I won't be able to make it to the Stone Steps training run this Saturday. Instead I'll be going to NY to visit my parents this weekend.

ed said...

The 5k is like a 50 yard dash to ultrarunners. When I said that to a runner at the race, he thought I meant the 5k was easy (he probably laughed it up as he left me in the dust). He didn’t understand I was referring to the pace.

Thanks for the info on Germantown.

Have a safe trip.