Saturday, July 26, 2008

summer break continues

It’s been almost 4 weeks working on my summer goal of a 15 lb weight loss (starting weight 193 lbs). It’s been obvious the body has been getting amazingly efficient with the reduced food intake. At 185 lbs now, it’s going to take a renewed effort to make it.

I’ve been itching for a long run & I can’t help but to look ahead to the fall races. In fact, I’ve been thinking of attempting a 100 miler this fall. A couple brand new races have taken shape within a 7 HR drive of Louisville – the Grindstone 100 in Virginia in October and the Pinhoti 100 in Alabama in November. These 2 new races conflict with 2 events I had tentatively planned on starting though – the Iron Mountain 50M in October & the OPSF 50M in November. I’ll just have to wait & see how the body feels & see what kind of shape I’m in when off this diet & training resumes in cooler weather.

I’ve been continuing to work out in the heat on local trails – I can lose 5 pounds easily (even when drinking all the ice water I wish), but I eventually gain it all back when I finally get re-hydrated. This is out on the Siltstone Trail on the LLTH course:


Josh said...

8lbs down 7 to go! Nice job! Grindstone looks like a tough race!

Jeffro said...

Good job. Keep working it and the pounds will come off. The more you lose the better you will feel.

I don't recognize those trees with leaves on them.

ed said...


Thanks! This diet is as tough as any race.

I’ve never ran in the mountains of Virginia, yet. I hear it’s pretty rocky – makes you put out more effort to lift your feet a little higher. Looking forward to the challenge.

I hope to see you out on the trails soon.


Thanks! When I lose all the weight, it’ll be a big boost mentally – I’ll have to see how it translates to performance.

If Tecumseh is still on your list, hope to see you then . . . if not, then LLTH!