Monday, April 7, 2008

taper time

My focus this past week has been R-E-S-T. I’m not like other runners with legs of steel (Brian), I need some down time! It’s been difficult, though, to figure out just how to taper for such a long run. One 8 mile trail run at an easy pace Saturday has been my only real training since Clinton Lake. I had scheduled a shorter run today, but cancelled that after deciding yesterday to start the race a day early. This is a big change in my plans but the time of day of the start (& hopefully the finish) are more to my liking at this point and I don’t think there’ll be escaping the mud & high water crossings either day. Although I have some night experience, I’ve never pulled an all nighter -- I like the idea of hitting the dark trail after a 12 noon start rather than after a 6 am start. Hey, a new experience awaits -- this is fun already!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like your taper played to your favor for your 100 miler. Awesome!