Wednesday, April 9, 2008

preparations are in full gear

I’ve started my usual prerace rituals. Checklists have been made & items are being sorted. I’ve also included taking special attention to the freshness & quality of the food I eat this time (hoping for no repeat of Clinton Lake).

In preparation for my 1st all nighter, I went out on the trail Monday night & checked out all the portable lights I have. Even though most of the lights are convenient to wear or attach, I’m opting for one designed for hand carry (a 3 watt super LED). It’s by far the brightest one I have and takes 3 AAA batteries. The others I can still see by (best on roads), but I don’t want to have any more strain on my eyes than they’ll already have.

In preparation for the wet feet for many many hours, I’m packing some extra thin socks & have bought some more adhesive pads. I sure don’t need thick/heavy waterlogged socks as I’m going to have enough trouble picking up my feet anyway.

I’ve heard of some people spreading vaseline all over their feet to help keep them from turning into tender prunes. It seems to me like the vaseline would keep your feet from “breathing” and make them swell up! I’ll have to check into that a little further . . .

I’ve started preparing a drop bag for the Heaven’s Gate aid station. Brian Kuhn, the head of that aid station & one of the nicest persons you’ll ever meet, has told me that although leaving drop bags had not been set up for this aid station, he would see to it himself that if anyone wanted to do so, they could bring them to the start & he would take them & then they would be returned after you finished. He has relayed his intentions to Andy and there’s no problem there. What more can you ask for? Super.

Mental preparation has been a continuing process since I first thought seriously about doing a 100. My increasing excitement & anticipation has told me I’m on the right track in that department. My physical preparation at this point consists of eating right, eating at the right time and getting all the rest I can. It’s always difficult for me the night before a big race to calm down enough to get in some quality sleep -- I hear some people take a shot or two, or even take a sleeping pill. I may revert to that some day if I get close to the point of no sleep at all.

Just checked the forecast for Pekin – they seem to update/change it twice a day -- heavy rain expected tomorrow with a flash flood watch – the weather has just been unreal this year! Let’s see, how do I prepare for freezing waist high water? Sure hope there won't be any need for ropes at the water crossings . . .

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