Sunday, April 20, 2008

new objective

Finishing 100 miles was not only the goal of my last race but it was also the “ultimate” objective that I had set for myself some time ago. Now that I’ve accomplished that, I feel I need something else to work towards. I've looked at many popular races across the country I’d like to try, but they are either too distant, too high or in the summer when it’s too hot (I cannot take the heat whatsoever). I didn’t think I would ever come to this, but my new long term objective is finishing a 150 miler. It doesn’t have to be next year, especially if it’s too muddy or too hot or if there’s some other good reason. This will give me something to work towards each year and I will continue to set a goal for each individual race that will lead me on the right track. This will also mean that to get the additional training, I will be adding new races to fill in the gaps in a schedule made mostly of local events. I’ve went ahead & signed up for McNaughton, even though the decision to run or not probably won’t be made until race day as I won’t know the weather or course conditions till then.

Upcoming is a new race for me in Ohio, the John Bryan 50K. I like the timing of the race as it will give me my long run in preparation for Dances With Dirt in Gnaw Bone in 3 weeks. Last year I got sick in the DWD race as it got into the low 80’s. Even though I drank over 3 gallons of water & Gatorade & took S-tabs over the entire 50 miles, I can only figure I still did not take in enough electrolytes for the conditions.

Jogged 8 miles at an easy pace yesterday & felt I had recovered from McNaughton. I plan one more short run early in the week before resting again.


Cassie said...

Hey Ed,

Looks like good weather for the JB50K! Have fun!

ed said...

Yes, I’m hoping to have fun! I always enjoy the 1st time on a course & good weather is definitely a plus. Have a great race!

Josh said...

alright! I'll see you at the starting line in 09!

ed said...


Yes indeed! But it’s a long, long time away before 09 and many, many things need to come together at the right time -- as you well know from this past year. I feel I picked the right objective as I’m eager to start on the training. I’ll see you there.