Sunday, September 21, 2008

summer over?

I was just about to post this last Sunday (14th), but the power went off due to hurricane IKE. Electricity – like most things, you don’t realize or appreciate what you have till it’s gone. SIX days in the dark! No computer, TV, microwave, phone (no cell service either for 3 days) & all the other conveniences. Will be posting a race report on the Hocking Hills 60k later.

It finally dipped below 60 (59 degrees) last Wednesday for the 1st time since May here in Louisville. Unfortunately, I rolled my ankle Tuesday (not on the trail, in the yard!) and wasn’t able to take advantage of the cooler weather. So after nursing a sore ankle for several days & losing valuable training time, I decided not to test it on the trails, but a more even surface – a road event yesterday. The Lanesville 8M was on a rolling course on the backroads just south of this southern Indiana town. The ankle felt OK at the start although I knew that I was probably a couple more days from being 100%. Summer had saved one more hot one for me -- I was already sweating at the start (not a good sign) -- the dew point was very high at 70 degrees. Starting mid pack & going up a hill a half mile in, my first mile was a disappointing 9:04. I ended up walking on some of the hills and my ankle started hurting around mile 5. I don’t think the ankle played a big factor in my performance, although it was always on my mind. The humidity made it difficult for me to breath -- at times there was a slight breeze that just made it tolerable. Mostly though, I felt the leg turnover was just not there. Overall my pace was around 8:40/mile – slow! A good workout though, in preparation for the pavement I’ll encounter in the Hocking Hills 60k coming up this Saturday. My ankle is stiff & sore this morning so I’ll be taking it very easy this week in my taper.

More 50’s forecast later this week – yeah!

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