Monday, September 29, 2008

big challenge ahead

A very big part of my challenge at Grindstone 100 will be the sleep deprivation factor, especially with the late starting time. I’m sure there’s a good reason for the Friday 6 pm start – my guess is permit issues or it fit the RD’s schedule. If one woke up at 8 am Friday morning, that makes it 10 hours before the race start – that’s 10 hours added to one’s awake time – making it a potential 48 hours straight of no sleep! (38 hr time limit + 10 hrs pre-race) Also, you have to consider that one does not get much sleep the night before a big race. Say you’re up at 8 am Thursday and get a generous 6 hours of good sleep Thursday night. The numbers would be: 6 hours sleep in a 72 hour (3 day) period!

In comparison, at the 100 miler at McNaughton earlier this year, I had gotten in about 6 hours sleep in a 59 hour period (longest stretch was only 35 hrs with no sleep).

What can I do for such a late start? At 1st I thought a good idea would be modifying my sleep pattern coming up to the race so I’d wake up late in the day on race day, but I have other obligations and making such a change is not going to be possible – plus there’s a mandatory pre-race meeting at 1 pm, 5 hrs before the race start anyway. I did “save” 4 hours at McNaughton by finishing 4 hours under the cutoff – but that’s not something I can count on. I think my best plan is to try to steal a nap in the afternoon & stay off my feet as much as possible the entire day.

My schedule the next 4 days . . . REST!


Anonymous said...

Good luck at Grindstone! I'll be thinking about you out there and sending some positive vibes. Take care of yourself out there, as I look forward to hearing all about it.

ed said...

Thanks for the support! I’ll certainly take care of myself.

Good Luck with the Javelina Jundred !

Josh said...

GOOD LUCK ED!!!!!!!!!!!!

ed said...

Thanks Josh! I wish I could have traded a little of that luck for some shut-eye! I guess better luck, I mean sleep, next time . . .

See you at Stone Steps!?