Wednesday, June 4, 2008

summer is here

I’ve been having second thoughts about starting in Saturday’s AD 50K race in Englewood, OH. With daylight at 6 am, the race has a late start at 8. Temps are expected to reach the upper 80’s with high humidity. I had registered as I had been telling myself all spring that I wanted to keep in shape this summer & to try to adapt to the heat. No time goal other than to finish within the time limits. It’s not a mental thing as I want to run – I feel it’s only physical -- the body starts to shut down when it approaches 80. So what to do? Maybe it will rain. Maybe I won’t start. I have a couple days to decide.


Josh said...

I say GO FOR IT!!

Jeffro said...

I just did an easy 6 miles and thought I was going to melt. It will definitely be warm Saturday. We can pretend we're training for Badwater.

ed said...


Thanks for the encouragement, but at the moment, I’m leaning strongly towards not starting. The concern is for my health & well-being. Also, I just got an email from the RD saying the course is flooded – I ran on one version of the flood course there a couple years ago and it felt like a road race.

Great time for the 4 miles in recovery mode -- wish I could do that anytime!


Badwater is beyond imagining, it’s an impossibility for someone who has run comfortably without a shirt at 32 degrees . . .

Your rest & training paid off -- Congrats on a great run in Brown County!

Good Luck with the weather & course in Ohio.