Saturday, June 7, 2008

no dam 50k for me

Decided yesterday not to start AD 50K because of the expected high temps, but of course as soon as I made that decision, that made the chance for rain & a cooler race day a certainty – the story of my life.

Next race attempt: the inaugural Indian-Celina Challenge this Saturday.

I did do a training run instead of the 50k this morning on the brand new Indian-Celina Challenge (mini & marathon) course in the Hoosier National Forest, about 70 miles from here. I thought I’d do the 2 lakes loop, 12 miles, plus the 1 mile interpretative loop at the Rickenbacker house. With the starting temp at 75 and a high expected to be in the upper 80’s, I figured conditions could be the same as race day. Starting from the house, the interpretative trail was a single track path leading up to the 2 lakes loop -- not sure where the race starts & ends – the start could be at the house & take the road up to the loop. The 2 lakes loop is a double track forest road or ATV trail pretty much the entire 12 miles. The course had: a few technical sections, hardly any mud, a couple stream crossings (feet got wet), some tall grass w/bushhogged sections and a couple hills with 200+ feet of climb. I had a good start and ran up the 1st few small hills before the sweat started rolling. Then I was attacked by swarms of flies & other insects! I had sprayed on insect repellent before I started & even brought along my shirt & cap that had been sprayed in case I needed them. Putting on the cap & shirt, I really started sweating & I think the sweat washed away the repellent from my head, neck & back as they started biting/stinging there especially. It was funny, along some sections of the trail there were hardly any insects, some sections the swarms were so thick I had to keep my mouth closed. They bit me thru the shirt, thru the hair below the cap, went in my ears, nose & eyes – it was not fun. I even resorted to using a stick like a helicopter to knock them down (sometimes I could smack 2 with one swing they were so thick). I was so happy to get to the finish (in just over 3 hours). I ran & jumped in the car as the flies followed me across the parking lot & dive bombed my windows & windshield!

I’m hoping all the flies & other biting/stinging insects will be well fed from the 100 or so runners in front of me and I can run without a shirt & cap this Saturday, if not, I may just do the mini.

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