Thursday, February 14, 2008

more days of rest

The snow & ice early this week threw a wrench into the training plans. No running at all this week! Guess I should be happy that the power & cable/phone/internet service was restored. Right now, just trying not to pull a muscle slipping on the ice around the house. Looks like the trails are going to be snowy/slippery race morning -- I finally got out and invested in a set of Yaktrax Pros today. Not sure I’ll use them as I hate the idea of adding weights to my feet, but will have them handy after the 1st loop if I change my mind.

Been receiving positive feedback on the LLTH blogsite and it continues to be a fun thing to do. Still a lot to learn & figure out though -- like a couple of people have said they’ve been unable to post comments on the blog even though the blog is set for posting by anyone.

Photos I took on the Blue Trail Tuesday morning 2-12-08 can be found at his link:


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