Tuesday, March 4, 2014

pre-run at LBL

After the back to back long runs in TN, I thought I'd go down to LBL & run a lap or two on the course since I'm having concerns about the 50 miler.  I was planning on a good rest, then on Thursday or Friday I'd get the run in. 

BUT, I got a new toy during the week:  a GoPro 3+ Black version camera:
At this years LLTH race, I took my handheld video camera with me on the 1st loop -- it was extremely shaky.  That's when I seriously looked into the GoPro.  I'm still playing with it & trying to figure it out -- one thing it says is that battery power is limited in cold weather.  Since the temps were in the teens/low twenties, I decided to wait & head to LBL on a warmer Saturday.   A bit close to the 50 miler next weekend, but I knew to take it easy.

It turns out the Western Kentucky Running Club (WKRC), the people who put on LBL, lets their race day volunteers make an official run the weekend before the actual race.  I thought it an ideal time to join them so I could try out my new toy AND get in a confidence builder over the course.

I believe most of the volunteers were running 1 loop (23k).  I would do 1 loop & if I felt like it, I would continue on with 2 loops (marathon).  For the race this weekend, if my back doesn't give me problems, I don't think I would have trouble with finishing 50 miles.  The problem is the cutoff at 36 miles, which is at 2:15 pm (a 13' pace).  Pacing is critical -- I'm so worried that I won't make that cutoff that I usually start too fast.

Course was in great condition -- it was cool & breezy along the lake.

Well I started the run too fast on the road (I do this about every year) -- got caught up talking about the GoPro & whatnot.  Even so, I fell increasingly further & further behind the main group of WKRC runners.

 I concentrated on my pace -- I wanted to see how long I could maintain the 13'/mile average.  After the quick start I slowed down & by the end of the loop my average was down to the 13'/mile.  Since I felt OK I continued with the 2nd loop.  I averaged around 14'/mile on the 2nd loop -- I think I could have averaged 13'/mile, but I didn't want to push it this close to the race.  I don't know if I could have made it to 36 miles at that pace, but at least I know now I do have a chance -- it was good run.

Got a problem with the GoPro.  I'm getting a thumping noise when I'm running but it goes away when I turn my head to the side.  I believe it has to do with the strapping, but haven't figured it out yet.  A bit disappointed the rechargeable battery only lasted about 110'.  I have some more batteries on order.  Here's a 19 sec clip:



Chris said...

What is the LBL course like NOW? I heard the area got almost a foot of snow!

ed said...

We got the same 3-4" snow here in Fairdale & some of it will still be around Sat. Maybe with fewer hills & more sunshine at Grand Rivers it'll all be gone there as Steve says. I'm expecting it to be surface wet/sloppy in places.

I think I've caught a cold!!!!!