Wednesday, September 5, 2012

off to Woodstock

Last year I tried RUN WOODSTOCK in Pinckney, MI, but dropped at 25 miles after abdominal problems (sound familiar?).  I'm having more problems now than last year, yet I'm determined to go back & try again.  IF I can make it to the starting line, I believe I should be able to endure the pain better (more experience) this year.  My goals are to finish & to have fun (as long as I can).

I think the biggest reason I like this race is because it's at night.  No heat to worry about, no horseflies and it's alot of fun (to me) running in the dark.  Last year it was 10 degrees above normal w/rain off & on -- the air was pretty sticky.  So far the forecast has changed almost daily and as of today is leaning heavily towards rain (70% chance).  However, the forecast has been consistent in that the temps will be close to normal this time:  start in the mid 70's & going down to the mid 50's.  I can hardly wait to run in that cool air!  If it rains, I could even get cold & have to wear a shirt . . .

Back on the health front:  visited my integrative Dr. last week for a followup on all the tests from the previous month's blood draw.  He explained all the results, including the ones on nutrient testing that I had not seen.  My vitamin levels were excellent with only one that was borderline low:  Pantothenate -- so now I'm taking another supplement.  I had trace amounts of lead, mercury & arsenic in my blood, but that was unsatisfactory to him (should be zero - add another supplement!).  Amino acids & metabolites were OK.  My antioxidant levels were excellent.  Overall he said the results looked "pretty good".   He also said I should try to follow his diet recommendations closer, keep on the supplements & come back NEXT YEAR.  So right now, it's up to me once again to try to figure out what's going on with my gut.


Chris said...

Good luck at Woodstock! And try not to eat too much arsenic or mercury. ;-)

ed said...

Thanks Barefoot Chris!

The Dr. said I'm probably getting the contamination from meat -- something that you don't have to worry about.

Chris said...

Then stop eating meat!

Vegetarian barefoot ultra running...I should have grown up in the 60s. I'm a freaking hippie.

Good luck at Woodstock. Sounds like my kind of event. Maybe next year.

ed said...

Easier said than done, of course. I have cut back the last couple years.

ultracassie said...

Good luck, Ed! I won't be at Woodstock this year so run a mile for me. Hope your tummy cooperates.


ed said...

Thanks Cassie!

The mind has been willing but the body has not.

As much rain as there was, I still don't think there was near as much mud as last year -- you would have enjoyed it. Hope to see you there next year!