Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Tie-Dye 50k -- a no go

It's been a while since my last post when I was planning on doing the Tie-Dye 50k:

In the days leading up to the race on April 23, the RD announced he was changing the course since the Little Miami River was high & that there was a flash flood warning. One of the biggest reasons for signing up for this race was to enjoy the scenic trails along the banks of the river. It was the highlight of my last run there. Another reason was that several miles of the flat, very snake like bike trails of years past (gave me motion sickness) were being removed from the course this year (these trails reminded me of "Kart Country" -- the most winding trails crammed into a small area with every square foot utilized). These trails would be incorporated back into the course with the last minute change. I just did not want to make a 3 1/2 hour drive in a steady rain up to Yellow Springs, OH, to run on these muddy trails in particular.

So, heck, I thought why not just run a 50k here at home on the same day? Not many people have an established 50k course (Louisville's Lovin' the Hills - LLTH) within sight distance from their front door -- a luxury that I have. So I went running, or should I say, splish, splash in the heavy rain. Not too smart to be up on the ridges when the lightning was close though. But I will say it was the MOST FUN I had running in a long time. "Exhilarating" was the word to best describe it. In the downpours I felt more wet than I'd been under any motel shower head. It was a cooling rain in 100% humidity conditions (fog on some high hills). Also, no one will believe me (especially after a very muddy LLTH in February), but I did not get mud on my shoes! We've had so many heavy rains in the past month that all the mud (that had not been baked solid) that was there had been washed away. I waded thru knee deep water in some bottoms (up to the top of the old car door at Scott's Gap). Although it took all day to complete the 50k, I was so, so happy that I made the right decision this time.

Unfortunately, all good things end. This past week I've had to give up training due to the return of high level pain in the stomach/intestinal area. A CT scan showed no "acute" abnormalities though. Hopefully I will get a better explanation of that reported diagnosis when I see the Dr. for the upper endoscopy scheduled later this week. It feels that something is herniated -- the exact same feeling (pain) that started 11 months ago and has plagued me every day since. At times it's barely noticeable, others, just not tolerable. So at this point, the much anticipated goal race of this year, MMT next week, looks questionable at this time.


Chris said...

Sounds like you had a great informal LLTH run. I'll bet it would have been fun to run with bare feet! Sorry to hear about the abdominal pain. Hope you can still do MMT 100.

ed said...

Barefoot Chris,

Yes, it would have been fun barefooted although when the water was deep you couldn't see what you were stepping on.

I read that your running alot more barefooted. You hadn't mentioned snakes -- they're always present here on the trails in warm weather. They make me wary regardless of what I'm wearing on my feet!

Jason M Hindson said...

I ran the Tie Dye 50K. The rain held off for the race, although the course was muddy. I too was bummed about not being able to run the best part of those trails...the sections along the river in Clifton Gorge are awesome. The mountain bike trails left much to be desired. Overall it was a good first ultra experience. I'm looking forward to a better course for my next ultra.

I too have been experiencing pain in my lower abdominal, kinda like a hernia. I went to the doctor after it had been occurring for over a week and he said I wasn't herniated, but the discomfort hasn't really gone away. Some times it's worse than others and sometimes it doesn't bother me at all. I was feeling some discomfort during the race, but usually my lower abs don't bother me while I'm running, only when standing or sitting for extended periods.

ed said...


Sorry so long in responding . . .

Yes, that Clifton Gorge is a nice section!

Wish you better luck on finding the cause of your pain. I hope to hear back on how you're doing.