Friday, March 18, 2011

2011 Land Between the Lakes 50m

My goal for LBL was to make the cutoff at the end of the 3rd loop and then hang on to finish. I was just able to do that. You know you're pretty slow when you get lapped 1 1/2 laps into a 4 lap race. Zach Gingerich (winner of 2010 Umstead 100 in a record 13:23:02) and Troy Shellhamer (winner of 2011 LLTH) cruised past me as though I was standing still. Congrats Troy! I was DFL on the last lap until the gal in front of me took a bathroom break - time 11:15:13, 48th of 49. Still, based on my training (or lack thereof), I'm happy with the effort & feel I'm on track for my goal of finishing Massanutten 100 in May -- still a long ways to go though.

About the race itself:

It was a nice day weather & trail wise. I got my first tanning of the year with the bright sun on my head & back. Although I would have preferred it 20 degrees or more cooler, there was a nice breeze off the lakes. Trails were in good shape despite recent rain in the area.

Lots of familiar faces this day -- got a word or two in with: Steve D., John D., Mike H., Mike M., Mike W., Bob E., Alvin E., Dave B., Brad A., Logan S., Eric S., Rich S., Brian K.,Troy S., and Juli & Val A. Also, Naresh introduced himself -- he had run on the pointed rocks of Mountain Mist 50k with minimalist shoes in January & had remembered me for some reason (probably because I was shirtless).

As always, LBL is a very organized event & enjoyable to run every year (7 in a row now). Multiple distances, traffic, chip timing & numerous other things RDs must manage here -- THANKS Steve & John! Also, many THANKS to super volunteer Mike Howard, who helped motivate me each lap & many THANKS to Jeff Riddle -- my own "cheerleader" on the course -- these guys mean alot when the going gets tough!

Next up is Clinton Lake 30m (yeah, the race right next to the nuclear plant). I was shut out back in January, but Bob O'Brien just recently moved me off the wait list. One thing about running this every year is that it helps gauge my level of fitness, plus this race has helped prepare me for the McNaughton 100 which follows 2 weeks later. I feel that repeating 10 mile loops & encountering somewhat similar type trails & hills is the best training that I can get for McNaughton.


Chris said...

Good job finishing LBL 50. Hope to see you at Potawatomi 50/100 miler in April. Glad you saw Jeff at LBL--hopefully Jeff will be back to running races soon.

Mike said...

You did just fine with the training and if I had gone to LBL, I wouldn't have made the cut-off so it's all relative. I will be at Potawatomi running the 50 but actually pacing some friends who are running the 100. Hope to meet you there.

ed said...

Barefoot Chris,


Jeff can be such a bright spot during the race with his big smile -- I mean, how often do you have someone cheer you up ON the actual course (not at the aid stations)? I also remember Tom many years ago . . . hadn't seen him in a long,long time . . . I wonder if he's still running?

Take it easy with your calves in Pekin -- see you there!


You need to come on down with Wayne next year to LBL -- you'll have fun on the easy going trails with great views of the lakes. I highly recommend this event if you're looking to add another state.

See you at McNaughton Park!

Chris said...


You mention Tom--I assume that's Jeff's brother Tommy. He still lives in Louisville and runs, but not many ultras. He's doing shorter races and hoping to run a couple more marathons.

There was another Tom with Jeff walking the trails at LBL. That was Tom Rice, a local running buddy of mine from central Illinois. We'll be heading to the Smoky Mtns in April for 4 days of serious hiking.

jeff said...

Ed, thanks for the kind words, since I've not raced for awhile, hiking the loop courses backwards is my way to enjoy the race and see the many people I've meet over the years (like you)...Tom Riddle is my brother and like chris said he still lives in oldham county and usually places in his age group (64 years) at local 5K's. He ran the 1st KY 50 road ultra marathon in 1979? He still does the derby half marathon and has a goal to run 100 half, full and ultra marathons by the time he's 70 years.

ed said...

Barefoot Chris,

I've seen Tom Rice, but I've never met him. I think I'm getting Tommy confused with another Riddle who worked for the Department of Highways 10 or 15 years ago here in Louisville.

4 days of hiking?! Looks like a fun time to be had! Look forward to hearing about it.


Thanks for commenting -- didn't know you were a blogger. Yes, you are appreciated & I tried above to best describe that in words.

I do remember the road 50's a long time ago when I started to get back into running. That amazed me that people could run that far & wondered if I could ever do that -- guess that was my first contact with the ultra scene -- little did I know. Maybe that's why your brother's name rings a bell with me as I kept up with that race till it stopped.

See you on the trails SOON!