Thursday, January 6, 2011

a neuroma, not a cyst

Yet another mis-diagnosis, but in this case the surgery would have been the same. The Dr. discovered it when he cut me open -- the pathology report on the mass removed from my foot 2 weeks ago confirmed a neuroma (the swelling or benign tumor of a nerve that is a result of a compression or trauma). I guess what threw the Dr. off was the location -- not the normal spot for a neuroma on that part of the foot.

I had the stitches removed today in the followup with the Podiatrist. I asked why he had to make a 1 1/2" incision to remove a pea sized lump -- answer was "it had to be done" (duh). The way my foot was swollen afterwards, I feel he must have dug around a while to get it. Glad I was asleep at the time.

I'm taking recovery day by day now -- hope to be able to get trail shoes on my feet soon. So glad to be off crutches for a week! Gaining weight though. I've had a long long time to lazily sit on my tailbone & think about races for 2011 and set a goal . . . all my training the next several months will now be for my goal race: Massanutten 100 -- toughest race this side of the Mississippi?!

Oh yeah, last time I went to sign up for Clinton Lake 30M (in March) that I had done the last 3 years in preparation for McNaughton, there was no registration link on the website. The next time I looked, it was filled. Snooze you lose!


Chris said...

Hey Ed,
Sorry you missed out on probably need to ramp up training slowly anyway. Take it easy. Massanutten 100...nice! I'm shooting for the Hallucination 100 in Michigan this Sept. Planning on the 50 miler at McNaughton in April. Still doing something at LBL too. Hope to see you on the trails soon.

ed said...

I got an email from the RD at CL30 saying he would put me on a waiting list. I hope to see you at McNaughton. Maybe then I can let you know of my review of the Bikila -- you have my interest peaked!

Jeffro said...


I just returned from China. While I was there I wasn't able to access your blog. Hope you foot is healed up by now. Also while in China I wasn't able to train as I should so attempting the LLTH this year would be suicidal. Would have been my 5th year in a row. I'm bummed about it, but ready to get the training back on track.

ed said...

Welcome back! Have any penpals now?

I don't train as I should either, but that's never stopped me. Maybe things will improve & I'll see you on the trails.