Friday, October 8, 2010

training resumes

Since my last surgery, I've felt a little better every single day -- maybe that last one did the trick (fingers crossed!). The only real pain I'm having right now is from my joints, which is typical when I start back into training after a long layoff. No pain from the abdominal region. I started hiking earlier in the week and I'm now into jogging. The first jog was about as tough of a run as I've done in a long time -- fits & starts & negative thoughts. But after the 1st mile, I was able to slog steadily. A couple miles later though, my right knee said "STOP, you will NOT take another step!" and I had no choice but to comply. My 2nd jog yesterday was better.

Being so out of touch with the ultrarunning scene these past several months, today I caught up on my reading of everyone's blogs that I used to keep up with regularly. Reading all those interesting stories & race reports sure has me motivated to get back into shape! I already have some leg muscle soreness just from jogging -- boy do I have a ways to go. . .

As an added incentive to keep moving forward, I've signed up for the Stone Steps 50k (in 2 weeks). The race is on one of my favorite courses & has a great RD in Dave Corfman. I know I'm not ready for the full 50k at the moment, but he has added a 27k option this year. Plus, the fact that runners pass by the start/finish every 3 or 5 miles thruout the race, I could easily drop -- DNF, which I've done there before.


Cassie's Blog said...

Very glad you are feeling better, Ed! Good to see you posting again :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you this winter at one of the 50ks, maybe LLTH. It is good to hear from you on your blog again and I am glad that you are better.


ed said...


Thanks for keeping in touch! Yes, I'm glad to be alive & to be posting -- when something like this happens, it reinforces the fact that most of time "you don't realize what you have until you lose it".

I see you're not returning to Mountain Mist this year?! It's a rocky course, but I still think LLTH is a little tougher . . .

Thanks Ellen! It feels GREAT to be back.

Would love to see you return to LLTH for another record setting performance! A new course (no roads) is in the works for 2011.


Chris said...

Things are looking up for you Ed! Hope Stone Steps works out OK. You have plenty of hilly hiking opportunities in your area....hiking is a great foundation for ultra running.


ed said...

Barefoot Chris,

Thanks! Stone Steps worked out fine.

In returning from my summer layoff, I did some hiking with my Vibrams -- you've kept me on my toes on this subject! Love the feeling -- except I've not used them enough to keep my concentration & coordination where they need to be in keeping my toes intact! Maybe someday I can use them on less technical trails than around here.