Sunday, October 4, 2009

the flu blues

If you're in a car with someone who is coughing & who is later tested positive for type A influenza (Dr. said it was most likely the swine flu) later that morning, what are the chances of catching it? I figured with my luck that was probably 100%, so I canceled my training plans & went into near total rest mode after I was exposed Friday morning. Saturday afternoon I started to get a burning sensation & a little tightness in my chest & I reluctantly had to accept that it could only be the beginning. Today I have a minor sore throat with an achy feeling all over & my lymph nodes are slightly swollen. I got the regular flu vaccine over 3 weeks ago -- I'm thinking maybe that vaccine is slowing down the H1N1 virus, IF THAT'S WHAT I GOT. Maybe it's just an upper respiratory infection? It seems odd that I do not have any chest or head congestion & I'm not coughing nor do I have any major symptoms at this point. I'm not sure how this will progress so I'm going to wait till tomorrow before deciding whether to see a Dr. or not. Since there is no treatment for the H1N1 virus, not sure I want to go back to the Dr.'s office where the waiting room was full of sick people and all he will do is send me back home with some advice (which I already got the full dose directly from a Dr. there Friday).

Well, sure hope I haven't gotten into a rut here . . . . a cyst one week before my Youngstown jaunt and now this . . . . maybe I'll get lucky again - Ha! Oil Creek???? I haven't come to terms with the possibility of not running the race (yet)!

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Cassie said...

Ugh!!! How are you feeling? Any better yet???