Wednesday, August 19, 2009

last second change

I can't complain about the hot weather, like I usually do every summer. I'd say it's been the "coolest" (& wetest) summer that I can remember here in Louisville. With global warming upon us, I didn't think it would be possible! However, even with the mild summer, my mid summer plan of "short" races was "short-lived". I did get in a few speed works & a few more early morning trail runs than usual, but there always seemed to be other priorities to pop up when that planned short race came up each week. In fact, I ran only one of those 5k's since the Yost 10k July 11 and the 5k I was going to run in just yesterday evening happened to be the first one too hot to attempt (90 degree heat index). On a positive note, I was able to volunteer 51 hours as a Trail Ranger in July in the Jefferson Memorial Forest.

Looking ahead to the Iron Mountain Trail Run on Labor Day weekend, I get the feeling it's going to be a huge step up from my "summer vacation" --- right into a hilly 50 mile race right off the bat, plus I've never run such a long race in early September because of the lack of summer training. So I'm desperately in need of getting a long, good quality tempo run in this weekend . . . Lo & behold, the forecast for this weekend is for much cooler weather!! AND, just last night I remembered the Germantown 50k was this Saturday -- a race which I completely wrote off when they moved the race date up from October last year. Sooooo ...... why not use the race as a tuneup for IMTR 50M? I've decided to send in my entry today & am hoping the forecast holds true. Not sure what to expect as the course has been completely changed from the multi-lap course I ran 2 and 3 years ago in the Fall.


Luc said...

Have a fun race, Ed! I know you'll do great, and it'll help you finish your 50 miler with stellar speed. :) Send my greetings to Mike Allen if you see him please.

ed said...

Will do! Come join us! It's not too late & only $20!

"hey runner! Mike" is always a pleasure to talk to at races. Last chat we had was probably at Hocking Hills last year, where I also saw you finishing up with him -- will probably skip that race & try YUTC this year though.

Jeffro said...

Good luck at G-town. I would be there, but this Saturday is the second sprint triathlon.

The course has a fair amount of pavement and exposed areas with little to no shade. Also I remember a very steep hill in the Twin Creek Park, not particularly high, but steep.

This is the report I wrote last year.

I signed up for the Dawg Gone Long 50 miler on Sept 12th. Should be interesting since my training has been focused on the triathlon.

ed said...

I read your G-town report -- you did well in the sun & heat. I'm counting on much better temps tomorrow & hopefully some clouds will keep my head & back from getting burnt.

Glad to hear you haven't forsaken ultras for triathlons (yet)! You're in pretty good shape so your "interesting" race should be just that. I found out about Dawg Gone & Run Woodstock after I had decided on a schedule for the Fall . . . maybe next year. Both are closer than the races I now have planned & both appear to be races I would like.

I wish you & your son Good Luck tomorrow!