Thursday, January 31, 2008


3 days ago, I still had a little pain, but after watching my training days for LLTH quickly slip away, I just had to go out & test my leg today. Going at a very slow pace and including some walking, I managed to get in about 12 miles before the leg started to tighten up noticeably. Plan to rest a few more days & then go at a little quicker pace next run. I really feel I still need to do a tempo run before LLTH as I had attempted to do when I injured myself – will see how it goes after this next run.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

first injury of the year

Feeling much better now after my 1st injury of the year yesterday: I had intended to join Cynthia on a run on the 1st half of the course, but she had to cancel late. Since I knew the 1st half of the course still had some snow & slick spots, I decided to go over to the Siltstone Trail. Feeling good & strong in the brisk air, I set out intent on doing a long tempo run. The temperature was around 9 degrees when I started, but I warmed up quickly going at a pretty good pace. I even ran up some of the hills, which apparently prompted the pull on the inner side of my upper left leg. So after an hour into the run, I had to hobble back a long ways on the out 'n back trail to where I started. I chilled quickly & my hands & toes started freezing soon after. Apparently though, I have had no ill effects today from being frozen, thank goodness. Will rest my leg(s) for a few days & see how this goes. Been adding items to my LLTH PLUS blog today -- completed "accommodations" and just added "trail conditions", this continues to be a fun thing to do.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

snow run

Did a late morning training run over half the LLTH course. The views were great with the snow outlining the scenery like a postcard. The tracks I saw were of all the animals that took advantage of the trails in the hilly terrain. Deer, rabbits, raccoons, turkeys, cats, dogs & a few I couldn’t recognize – but no people! It always surprises me that with a quarter million plus people literally within sight from the forest hill tops, that no one comes out to enjoy it on days like this (JMF is advertised as the largest metropolitan forest in all of the USA). So as I ran quietly over the many miles of snow padded trails, I thought -- their loss, my gain!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

blogs are fun

Just finished a preliminary website (blogsite) for the OPSF 50/50 held in Spencer, Indiana in November each year. Since this race lacked a site, I thought I'd try my hand in it. It was so much fun, I've decided to start a "supplemental" site for Louisville Lovin' The Hills (LLTH) 50K & 15M, even though there's an official website for the event. The 50K is my favorite race and it'll let me, in my own way, get the word out to others on how great the race is! Blog will be at I've now started 3 blogs in 3 days -- I think I need to slow down the typing & speed up the training, 28 days to the race . . .

adding local/other links

Adding Local & Other Trail Links. These are links to events that I've attended before or am tentatively planning to attend in 2008. "Local" as in events that I'm comfortably able to drive to on race morning from Louisville. "Other" as in ones over a 3 hour drive.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

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OPSF 50/50 Course Description and related info: The course consists of two separate loops. One a five mile, and the other 13.2 miles are run by both 50k and 50mile participants. Each is a loop which starts and ends with an out and back. The five mile has a .9 mile out and back, while the 13.2 mile has a 2.4 mile out and back. About three miles of the five mile loop are road and the balance a rugged powerline section, with one long climb. The 13.2 mile loop is all horse trail with seven significant climbs, with roots, rocks, and always plenty of mud, especially if the preceding days give us much rain. Both distances begin with a circuit of the five mile loop. The 50k runners then do two repeats of the 13.2 mile loop to finish. The 50 milers do three repeats of the 13.2 mile loop and one more 5 mile loop to finish. Aid stations: There are no aid on the five mile loop as it begins and ends at the start/finish area, which of course is also an aid station. The 13.2 mile loop has aid at 2.4, 6.6, and 10.8. We are blessed to have two-way radio communications between all stations, something I would not want to be without. I run a laid back, no frills event. In the event I happen to get any kind of sponsorship I may be able to provide some sort of goodies. We will have packet pickup Friday Nov. 4th from 6-9pm in Spencer, at a location yet to be determined. When I have that information, I will post it somewhere on the website. There may also be a pasta feed available at the packet pickup, which would be made known at that posting. Maps and other directions will be mailed to all entered by Oct. 20th, after that we will work out such things by email or phone. Lodging possibilities in the area will be listed below. It is also possible to camp at Horseman’s Campground, site of the event. It should be noted that the campground has NO water, or electricity, and is very dark at night, so you must have lights. Any camping should be away from the s/f area as that is the main area used by the horsemen and must remain open for their use. Our use of the area depends upon, in part, our relationship with the horse riders. In Spencer: The Patriot Inn 812 829-0400 The Canyon Inn Hwy. #46 east 1-1/2 miles 812 829-4881 At I-70/US231, exit # 41, about 18 miles north of Spencer: Motel 6 765 795-3000 //// Days Inn 765 795-6400 Holiday Inn Express 765 795-5050 //// Ramada 765 795-3500 Super 8 765 795-7373 //// Briana Inn 765 795-3000

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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