Saturday, January 26, 2008

first injury of the year

Feeling much better now after my 1st injury of the year yesterday: I had intended to join Cynthia on a run on the 1st half of the course, but she had to cancel late. Since I knew the 1st half of the course still had some snow & slick spots, I decided to go over to the Siltstone Trail. Feeling good & strong in the brisk air, I set out intent on doing a long tempo run. The temperature was around 9 degrees when I started, but I warmed up quickly going at a pretty good pace. I even ran up some of the hills, which apparently prompted the pull on the inner side of my upper left leg. So after an hour into the run, I had to hobble back a long ways on the out 'n back trail to where I started. I chilled quickly & my hands & toes started freezing soon after. Apparently though, I have had no ill effects today from being frozen, thank goodness. Will rest my leg(s) for a few days & see how this goes. Been adding items to my LLTH PLUS blog today -- completed "accommodations" and just added "trail conditions", this continues to be a fun thing to do.

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