Tuesday, December 2, 2008

no massanutten

With the deadline for entering the lottery for the May 16, 2009 Massanutten 100 coming up Monday, I debated whether to sign-up, but the same argument always wins out -- just too far away. It's the same with another race I'd like to try, the Arkansas Traveller 100 -- both of these races are an equal 560 miles east or west of here -- a long drive & I don't like to fly. Add the time of the drive & the time of the race and I'm looking at 4 long days -- just can't do that right now.

I'm looking forward to my annual marathon double: the Tecumseh (Dec 6) & Otter Creek (Dec 14) Marathons. I seem to have been fairly consistent with these 2 except when I had major issues. I ran with a cold last year & it showed:

..............Tecumseh.....Otter Creek
2003......... 4:36............... --
2004......... 4:39.............. 5:33
2005......... 4:27.............. 4:47
2006......... 4:48.............. 4:47
2007......... 5:29.............. 5:35
2008............?.................. ?

I heard news yesterday that the mayor of Louisville has proposed shutting down one city park starting December 14th as a part of various budget cuts -- and that park is
Otter Creek Park!! I hope they lock the gates after we're gone. Sure doesn't look good for a continuation of the marathon double next year . . . . .


roadwarrior31@gmail.com said...

I struggle constantly to decide what is a reasonable distance to drive to a race. You want to do them all, but there just isn't time. Wish I had a transporter from Star Trek...
I am lookin at a 6 hour drive to LLTH in Feb, and will prob do it cause of the detailed info I get from your two blogs. Keep up the great work and get healthy.

Anonymous said...

FYI, today's Louisville Courier-Journal reports that the closure of the park has been delayed to January 1, 2009 due to many cabins being booked for the holidays. So, I guess the race is a "go" for 2008. I'll be there for my first trail run. Dan

Jeffro said...

Even though they close the park, won't the trail still be there?

Good luck with your double. Looks like for Tecumseh at least you'll have nice cool weather. My training buddy Tom will be there maybe you'll run into him.

ed said...



Well I'd have Scotty beam you up, but he's taken leave of us . . . . I'm happy to hear you're interested in LLTH! I hope to have much more info posted about the event as soon as Cynthia & Todd can confirm the details. Happy Holidays & see you next February!


Thanks for the info. I had hoped there was so much outrage about the closing that they changed their mind . . . dreaming, I guess. The only chance for it to be re-opened in the foreseeable future, in my opinion, is if some agency or special interest group steps up & manages the park. As for pulling strings & getting special permission to run a marathon next year, we can only try.

That's GREAT to hear you're trying out the trails! I'm sure you'll love it -- talking about love -- try out Louisville's Lovin' the Hills in February too, you won't be disappointed.


According to the FAQ's on their website, http://www.louisvilleky.gov/MetroParks/parks/ottercreek/, the general public won't be able to get into the park at all. The thing is, the park is quite isolated & is located in a different county than Louisville. It's surrounded mostly by the Fort Knox Military Reservation & the Ohio River. I don't see city government going out of their way to open the park back up once they pocket the money & especially since it came at the beginning of their budget cutting process -- a process that's really only just started.

I don't know your friend, and with a hoard of 600 or so runners, I doubt I'll meet him or very many of the people I know who are running. I thought the record 450+ runners last year made it too crowded.

Congrats on your 5M PR!! I knew that was in the bag. Hope the same for CIM -- looking forward to your report -- Good Luck!